Introduction to Programming in Swift

Learn how to think like a programmer with variables, conditionals, arrays, loops, functions, and more!

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This Book Covers

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Coding Is The New Literacy
  3. 3. Why Swift?
  4. 4. Getting Your Environment Setup
  5. 5. Variables And The Story They Tell
  6. 6. Code Asking Questions - Conditionals
  7. 7. Some Encouragement - Interviews With Industry Professionals
  8. 8. Arrays
  9. 9. Loops
  10. 10. Functions
  11. 11. Where to go from here - Resources and Teaching Yourself


  1. - Sean Allen, Content Creator and iOS Engineer
  2. - Jordan Morgan, iOS Indie and creator of Spend Stack
  3. - David Seek, Software Engineer at Amazon
  4. - Frank Foster, Mobile Software Engineer
  5. - Christian Selig, Independent iOS Developer and creator of Apollo
  6. - Kim Arnett, Senior iOS Developer
  7. - Charlie Chapman, Lead iOS Developer at Stitch Fix and Creator of "Dark Noise" and "Overviewer"
  8. - Frederick Ohen, iOS Developer
  9. - Gonzalo Nuñez, Founding Mobile Engineer at Primer, an education startup

A Bit About Me

Compared to industry professionals that usually write programming books, I’m relatively new to this whole coding thing. Although I experimented with various programming languages throughout my life, I didn’t get serious about it until I started college just a few years ago.
Now, I know just enough to be helpful, but not so much that I can’t remember what it’s like to be a beginner. If you’re worried that I’m not qualified to teach this book, you’d probably be right. However, since I’ve started college, I’ve gotten over a year’s worth of full-time experience as a Software Engineering Intern, 1.5 years of experience as a part-time iOS Development Consultant, and put 3 apps on the App Store.
I’m not an expert by any means, but I promise I’ll walk you through the basics the way I wish I’d been taught. And when we’re done, I’ll give you plenty of resources to pursue if you decide you like this.